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Run Away from Low Quality Backlinks

Watch Out for Cheap Online Marketing Solutions!

A new customer at TheMasterofSocialMedia® asked us to review the results of a "Social Signals" campaign from the BlackHatLinks.com service. Our customer —his name is Rudy from San Diego, California – paid £50 to improve one of his websites ranking at the search engines through paid backlinks from various Social Media accounts.

Regardless of the accomplished task, the BlackHatLinks.com service is in fact a scam. The service was delivered, but at analyzing the report sent to the customer we found out that all their backlinks come from new Social Media accounts or bots with a few followers or no followers ar all. So, there's no actual impact on search engines or visitors to the advertised websites.

When a customer submits an order, he/she receives an email saying "We hope you will be 100% satisfied with your chosen product. If not, feel free to contact us."

An anonymous BlackHatLinks.com Customer Service employee wrote "ment" instead of "meant"... Ouch!! Is it a trustworthy service?

However, if the customer doesn't feel satisfied with their service and he/she requests a refund, the BlackHatLinks.com team rejects to give you the money back, arguing they posted the requested number of mentions or backlinks through the specified Social Media services, but they avoid any extra responsibility on the results of their backlinking service.


What a Great Online Marketing Service Must Offer

Don't waste your money or the reputation of your business by purchasing low quality backlinks or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) scams.

We wouldn't trust any company named "Black Hats" since it's a common nickname for evil hackers. Anyway, our friend Rudy tried to save money, and at the end of his self-serving adventure he lost £50 for nothing: Rudy has no experience on Social Media marketing, but he realized later that TheMasterOfSocialMedia® team has EXPERIENCED MARKETING PROFESSIONALS ready to PROVIDE RESULTS.

This post is not intended to be an ad about TheMasterOfSocialMedia®, but we're talking here about what we found out after a customer wasted part of his budget for online marketing. Rudy came to us just to ask some advice to try to understand what was the problem with the BlackHatLinks.com campaign, and he became one of our successful customers.

Unfortunately, companies like the BlackHatLinks.com that promise immediate online success by spamming have invaded the web. They live from taking customers money and they shut down their websites when people start to request their money.

A reliable organization like TheMasterOfSocialMedia® offers personalized services with effective results because THE GOAL OF A GREAT MARKETING CAMPAIGN IS TO HELP CUSTOMERS TO SELL.

A reliable organization guarantees top quality customer service: If any customer for any reason is not satisfied with a marketing campaign, they must refund payments because this kind of refunds usually represent 0.001% of their total sales. It doesn't hurt the marketer's business! But it shows a commitment to make customers happy... and prosperous!

The Best Social Media Strategy

  • The perfect Social Media account for online marketing must have at least 1K followers ready to share interests, not just ads.
  • The perfect Social Media campaign doesn't advertise, it starts a good conversation for the audience.
  • The perfect Social Media strategy is not made by bots, it develops a network of real people talking about your business even out of the web.
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